Mila Dolman
Charity organization 'Another atmosphere'.
Bakulev National Medical Research Centre For Cardiovascular Surgery
The children's Department of the Bakulev Hospital commissioned this public art project. Its head Professor Leo Bokeria invented a unique open-heart operation called 'Labyrinth-3'.

I was inspired by the idea of the labyrinth that the surgeon has to pass through to get to the desired area of the heart. This is a difficult path where every mistake can be fatal. My labyrinth is lined with square bars in the cross section, which have different heights. The pattern follows the outline of the cardiogram of the heart of a healthy person.

Since this sculpture is located on the territory of the children's department of the hospital, it was important for me to keep the images clear for children: a fairy-tale castle or a crown.

Each element of the sculpture is painted in a different colour. The Labyrinth is an interactive work. Young patients of the hospital contributed to the creation of the sculpture as they helped to paint the bars in accordance with the sketch.
Labyrinth. 2017. Wood, paint, concrete. 300x300x205