Mila Dolman
Horse Power
Annual International Festival of Contemporary Art ARTBAT FEST
Public art program 'Air of the Earth'
As the old saying goes: 'A horse is a man's wings'.

The horse is a sacred animal since ancient times. It plays an important role in many mythological systems of Eurasia. It is an attribute of deities. The horse was used differently. Gods and heroes are often moving on horseback across the sky from one world to another. The cult of the horse in the endless expanses of the Eurasian steppes is evidenced by samples of Scythian toreutics and the burial of emperors with embalmed horses in ceremonial ammunition.

There are winged horses in the national emblem of Kazakhstan.

In the city environment of Almaty, you can find bronze, plaster, and flower horses, but block-masonry has not yet been found. This horse is actually a toy, only clay giants can play with it.

Laying the basis for the child's figure as an adult building gesture, the author sets himself an almost impossible task: to combine the airy thrill of 'fallow deer' and the earthly heaviness of the 'horse'.
Sergey Kovalevsky,
Krasnoyarsk Museum 'Peace Square' art director
'Air of the Earth' program curator
Horse Power. Republic Square, Kazakhstan, 2015.
Concrete, metal. 320х150х640